Friendly, supportive, and informative 05/14/2019

All the staff were very friendly, supportive, and informative. We felt respected, appreciated, and not pressured to do anything outside of our comfort zone. The sales associate, Steve Carless, and finance manager, Doug Agren, were both excellent. In addition, we flagged down fleet manager Jim Hoskins to ask some additional questions, while waiting for other staff, and we found Jim to be very friendly, open, and supportive. He really made an effort to answer all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable and appreciated. All other staff were very professional, helpful and friendly. Steve Carless was excellent. We felt he respected our best interests and was not trying to persuade us in anyway to do or think outside of our goal to buy an electric car. Steve tried very hard to meet all our needs and was very knowledgeable in regards to the electric Leaf car, which was impressive as it is relatively new technology, quite different from a regular internal combustion (IC) engine car. We noticed that he had a cell phone and was available at all times, which we appreciated, even outside of his working hours. We corresponded with him several times via email and telephone. Steve joined us on an excellent test drive of considerable distance and terrain, including the local freeway, and provided a lot of information during that time which was really useful and much appreciated. Certainly much better then the average test drive from other car manufacturer dealerships that we experienced. We tested a few different electric cars and Nissan was by far the best we experienced. Due to the fact that we do not live in town and had to take a ferry into Victoria to the dealership, some of the initial finance approval and setup was done over the phone. And then when we came to pick up the car, the same finance individual was not working that day, so another completed the paperwork. Due to the fact that we do not live in town and had to take a ferry into Victoria to the dealership, some of the initial finance approval and setup was done over the phone. And then when we came to pick up the car, the same finance individual was not working that day, so another completed the paperwork.  It was a bit longer than we expected due to a lot of paperwork that had to be signed by us. Having said that, we believe it was done very efficiently and could not have been done any faster. The entire process was quite a lot smoother and much less of a burden on us than we feared it might be. The sales representative, Steve Carless, sat in vehicle with us and went over a lot of the functions with us. He made himself completely available to answer all our questions and made it clear he was willing to give us instruction on any of the car's setup and/or functions. We were given a coupon for our first service and told that it would be of no charge, which was very nice.

Exceeded our expectations. We don't think it could have been handled any better.

-Roger, Nissan Leaf Owner-

Peter is not your typical salesman 05/11/2019

Peter Luke went above and beyond my expectation by a mile. Like no other sales person I had contacted, he was able to help me with obtaining my token for the Scrap-It Program, answered my endless questions, and was patient with me on the day I picked up my car. Peter is not your typical salesman. There wasn't any pressure, he was honest, and I seriously had a lot of questions which he responded to promptly and professionally.  Peter is what made my Campus Nissan experience exceptional. Plus Tyler, who greeted me at the door and helped me with my bicycle. Oh, and Doug the finance guy was great too!

-Cheryl, Nissan Leaf Owner-

We felt very welcomed 05/23/2019

Rome's attention, care and knowledge about the cars is outstanding. We felt very welcomed at Campus Nissan since his first acknowledgement.

-Patricia, Nissan Versa Note Owner-

No hassle and very easy 05/24/2019

The test drive sold me more than anything else. The consultant made it easy for me to get the hang of it and pointed out all the features as we went along.  Also made it clear that they were available to help if I needed it to set up various functions. The experience was very satisfying for me - no hassle and very easy.

-Susan, Nissan Leaf Owner-

Very kind 05/25/2019

I felt no pressure. Warren the sales rep was polite and I have been looking for many months. The dealership was clean and everyone was polite.even the service department area is beautiful and I appreciate that. They also made me feel that my choice mattered to them. Very kind.

-Penny, Nissan Qashqai Owner-

This is my 4th Nissan 05/28/2019

Jim Hoskins provided all info re. the vehicle, was aware of my budget and worked within those constraints. Always pleasant and informative. he feels like a friend rather than a salesman. This is my 4th Nissan and I will continue to do business with you as long as the service and product remain so positive. I recommend your product, service dept and now sales staff regularly.

-Barbara, Nissan Versa Note Owner-

Flawless experience 05/31/2019

The sales associate was brilliant. Super efficient, calm, and extremely pleasant to deal with. Excellent communicator with empathy for clients, and great interpersonal relationship skills.

-Daniel, Nissan Murano Owner-

Delighted with the excellent sales experience 6/26/2019

The quality and price of the car were essential but we are even more delighted with the excellent sales experience with our sales person. Everything from the time we open the door to delivery was excellent.

-Brian, Nissan Leaf Owner-

There was no hard sell, no pressure. 26/10/2018

Peter Luke was knowledgeable about the vehicle and the issues that might occur with making a switch to electric vehicle. He gave us lots of information and was scrupulously fair. There was no hard sell, no pressure. Just consummate courtesy and great customer service. We were also impressed with the level of ongoing support Nissan gives to electric owners. The person who sold us extra warranties was also knowledgeable and very easy to deal with.

-Walter M-

The friendliness and professionalism was outstanding! 26/10/2018

Salesperson used handwritten figures and was excellent at presenting all our options for the additional things we got. They did make it very clear that I was to contact them if there was ANYTHING I needed to know about or had an issue with ..... They wanted me to be happy with my purchase!

-Ann D-

knowledgeable and friendly. 26/10/2018

All the people that I came in contact with were very knowledgeable and friendly. They kept me up to date about the progress of the sale and contacted me when a vehicle was available before the expected delivery date which I took advantage of. The test drive was long enough to make a good decision about the vehicle. It was in real city traffic. My experience with the business manager was very positive. Helped me to make the decisions about the complex nature of purchasing a new vehicle. I will return to Campus Nissan for service and for purchase when needed.

-Wiebe Edward-

quick and professional 23/10/2018

It was quick and professional and my sales person was very knowledgeable and listened to what I was looking for and while he presented options did not push me somewhere I did not want to go.

-Christie H-

We found everyone in the dealership pleasant to deal with and very helpful. 25/10/2018

Our experience with Campus Nissan was very pleasant. We felt we were treated very fairly and not pressured. Tyler was wonderful to deal with! Very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the Electric Vehicle components and driving modes. If he didn't know, he found out for us. He was very attentive to our needs and supplied us with all the information we needed to make a decision. We would definitely recommended him to people we know. Excellent! Tyler's route took us through all the different driving areas one would experience. He explained all the modes and functions of the vehicle in a manner that put at us at ease. Electric vehicles have a variety of new features, these were demonstrated and performed for us so we were comfortable during the test drive. We were very satisfied with our trade-in value and felt the amount was fair and we did not have to negotiate any further. Bobby could talk a little more slowly while explaining warranties, etc. Nonetheless, we were pleased with our experience. We noticed some minor scratches on the paint surface on the charging door. When Tyler was unable to remove these with a cleaner/polisher, he immediately arranged for someone from the body shop to repair the scratches. We felt there was just the right amount of time as we did not feel pressured or rushed. The Leaf looked fantastic, except for the minor scratches mentioned above that were corrected. Tyler was great in pairing up our iPhones to the Leaf's blue tooth system. We were not offered help setting up the vehicle's first service as that was at least a year away. Tyler did explain the yearly service to us.

-Donald O-

friendly, knowledgeable staff 24/10/2018

Campus has friendly, knowledgeable staff that are very willing to answer any and all questions. They had a good selection of vehicle models to choose from. At this time of the year not all 2018 models were available in every colour which is understandable as they are trying to make room for 2019. I did find the price of the 2018 "Kicks" worked well for me so I chose the white car on display. I must admit white is something I'll have to get used to :) but I was impressed with the style and look of this "sporty" vehicle.

-Wilhelmina H-

they will have my business for as long as I buy cars 24/10/2018

A few dealerships gave me all the promises to me to get me to go to their dealership, then when I got their they gave me a story about getting me the truck I needed. But Nissan told me what I could afford and what they could do for me and they went out of their way to get me into a truck I wanted. So they will have my business for as long as I buy cars.

-Keveh R-

great job 22/10/2018

I liked the fact that I was not pressured, the product spoke for itself. When I came to get my new vehicle it didn't take me all day, in and out in 2 hours! Great job, thanks.

-Dalton B-

Low pressure sales technique 20/10/2018

Low pressure sales technique...I would never recommend a high pressure salesperson. Nissan has proven to be a reliable vehicle for me

-Faye M-

satisfied with the sales and service departments. 23/10/2018

I have bought a number of Sentras and Altimas from this dealer. I have always been very satisfied with the sales and service departments.

-Donald G-

shopping was great. 16/10/2018

From the very first visit the staff was very helpful. The store was well organized the cars where easy to find and shopping was great. The sales staff was very professional and friendly. Our salesman was extremely knowledgeable and helped us make a very big decision without pressuring us into something we didn't want. 

-Michael S-

Reliable 19/10/2018

My background is sales and I can easily recognize a good or a bad salesperson. Reliable, prompt responses to calls. Good knowledge of product. Spoke to us and didn't reel off a sales pitch and try to squeeze us into it. Listened to what we were looking for but also provided alternate suggestions and why they might interest us. 

-James B-

The best service I have ever received 13/10/2018

Wonderful, great showroom with lots of variety. The best service I have ever received. I really love my Nissan. I am proud to drive it and share my views with family, friends and people who admire my SUV. Peter is a wonderful salesman, this is our third Nissan and each upgrade brought us a greater enjoyment of our car. Peter has our best interest at heart and over the years we have relied on his wisdom.

-Kathleen M-

efficient, personable and fun 13/10/2018

The experience was efficient, personable and fun. I feel as though I will be receiving excellent service in future.

-Carole N-

Our purchase experience was superb. 10/09/2018

Our purchase experience was superb. We were impressed every step of the way. We especially were appreciative of Jim's knowledge and the incentives he was able to provide. We always sing the praises of Nissan vehicle ownership to friends and neighbors. Most of our surrounding neighbors in fact own Nissan vehicles

-Rhonda S-

Positive experience 10/04/2018

Positive experience, great salesman. We paid cash, only option we'd consider.

-Joanne G-

Very happy with our purchase 09/30/2018

Great vehicle sold by an awesome salesman. Very happy with our purchase

-Marley S-

excellent service and easy transactions 09/30/2018

Excellent service and easy transactions. Drove alone, no pressure and able to test drive for 1h.

-Pierre O-

never felt pressured by salesmen 29/09/2018

Very informative and never felt pressured by salesmen. I was able to take the vehicle out and do a test drive that I felt covered all aspects I had in question ie hill climb turning ratio highway speed etc.

-Sandra T-

Very friendly, not pushy, informative 28/09/2018

Very friendly, not pushy, informative and took as much time as we needed. He listened and understood us perfectly: he could tell we weren't the sort to want to see what was under the hood! He's very, very good.

-Thomas W-

Got the car I wanted within a day. 27/09/2018

Got the car I wanted within a day. Model, colour, everything. Amazing team. 11/10 experience by Felipe Prado! I will consider buying again from Felipe. He was amazing! The car had a deal tag hanging from its mirror. He explained what it means verbally very well.

-Natsuko H-

Very informative 21/09/2018

Personable. Very informative, willing to work with numbers to make it a go.

-Jennifer A-

Warren was the best salesman I've ever met. 25/09/2018

Warren was the best salesman I've ever met. He was extremely kind and knowledgeable. I traded in my old car. The next day I had major regrets over it as I know my daughter would be learning to drive soon, and didn't want her driving the new pathfinder. I literally felt sick and couldn't enjoy the new car because I was so upset at myself for trading it in. I contacted Warren in a panic, and told him what was going on. He immediately made arrangements for me to come back and buy my car back for the same price I traded it in for. He even drove it all the way back home for me. Warren went above and beyond for me. His customer service is amazing, and I hope you realize what an asset he is to your team. A true gem of a man.

-Leeann L-

no problems 22/09/2018

I had no problems from the time I entered the dealership. Everyone was very knowledgeable and gave me what I wanted.

-Yvette C-

Everyone involved was very helpful. 17/09/2018

It was a smooth process the whole way through and everyone involved was very helpful.

-Herbert S-

We were delighted with the entire process 21/09/2018

From the minute we walked in the door, we felt like we were in the expert and caring hands of every single person there. We dealt mainly with the salesperson and the finance manager, and found both to be knowledgeable, approachable, and engaging. We were delighted with the entire process, and would recommend our salesperson, our finance manager, and the whole dealership, to anyone, without reservation.

-Franklin L-

Gage was incredibly professional and helpful. 14/09/2018

I was extremely satisfied through the whole experience.

-Lindsay B-

Very easy to work with 13/09/2018

I found the sales associate very easy to work with while purchasing my truck. I love the truck and will be recommending both the truck and Campus Nissan to friends.

-Bailey C-

Campus Nissan gave me exactly what I needed, with honesty, and kindness. 08/09/2018

My leasing experience at campus Nissan was superb. From the moment I stepped in the door, and was greeted with a smile by the front desk representative I had a good feeling about my decision to explore Nissan as an option. Tyler Kuyvenhoven was recommended to me as a fair honest and good natured salesperson, and he exceeded expectations for me. Not only did he give me full attention coupled with an excellent demeanor he even went as far as make acquaintance with me over good conversation and friendly rapport. This meant a lot to me as it built my trust with him. He reviewed all aspects of the vehicle with me as well as all the available leasing, and financing options. He was extremely thorough, which I appreciated. I am very thankful I had Tyler to guide me through this massive life decision I have made.

-Simon F-

Very knowledgeable and personable. 06/09/2018

Extremely knowledgeable salesman and relaxed approach. Went through options without being pushy. Very knowledgeable and personable.

-Garry K-

Surpassed my expectations 31/08/2018

I have purchased multiple vehicles from Jim and each and every time he exceeds my expectations! I have referred and will continue to refer family and friends to Jim and campus Nissan. The condition of my vehicle at pick up was absolutely perfect!! Surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

-Michael M-

I'm very impressed and excited about my new purchase 31/08/2018

I owned a used Murano in the past and it was a complete lemon (even the best of companies have them...) and certainly never expected to own a Nissan ever again. The fact that I drove off the Nissan lot with a brand new Rogue says a lot. I'm very impressed and excited about my new purchase and much of that is thanks to Lance.

-Janice H-

Outstanding 27/08/2018

The entire experience and patience and attitude from our sales rep and the manager was outstanding. I have already given out three business cards and sent one person to go down and see Gage.

-Marie C-

Extremely happy with the service from Filipe Prado 28/08/2018

Extremely happy with the service from Filipe Prado in helping us purchase our vehicle. All the staff at this dealership were very pleasant and helpful and I would not hesitate to deal with Filipe again for future car purchases.

-Jerry F-

Pleased with our entire experience at Campus Nissan. 24/08/2018

We are so very pleased with our entire experience at Campus Nissan. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family and we would certainly return,ourselves, in the future. We will also have all of our servicing done at Campus Nissan. Thank you.

-Mary M-

The sales consultant really made the experience wonderful for me. 21/08/2018

I was purchasing a new vehicle for the 1st time. I had a lot of questions and was always greeted with smiles and helpful employees. In the end the vehicle I purchased was the right color and style for my life. Overall my experience was great all requests were met. The sales consultant really made the experience wonderful for me. My Nissan drives great! Thank you!!

-Teena G-

Friendly, knowledgeable, honest and helpful 21/08/2018

I dealt with Gage and he was very friendly, knowledgeable, honest and helpful. I didn't feel pressured into buying. I am very pleased with my new car and would recommended him and Nissan to my friends and family.

-Rylee A-

A very gratifying experience 21/08/2018

Both the sales consultant and the financial service consultant were friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and at no time was there any pressure from either of them. A very gratifying experience.

-Marilyn D-

I would consider coming back a 3rd time! 20/08/2018

I have dealt with Jim Hoskin on 2 occasions now and he is an asset to your company. I would consider coming back a 3rd time!

-Jeremy F-

Every aspect of our buying process was excellent. 20/08/2018

Every aspect of our buying process was excellent. From start to finish. Couldn't be happier with our decision to go to Campus Nissan.

-Stephanie P-

This Nissan Dealership in Victoria runs very well and the staff is always friendly. 17/08/2018

This is the 3rd Nissan I've purchased from Campus Nissan in Victoria and recognize many of the employees and they the same to me. Very nice. That means you treat your employees well, that makes me happy. I was recognized by Jim in the Finance area as he has assisted me on the 2 previous purchases. I was glad to see him there. Doug handled this transaction very well. I had a clarification call to him and all is well. Emir was great. I always have questions. He answered them all. I know I'll be back to check on a couple of the tekkie things this Rouge offers. Very personable young fellow. Husband had done homework so he knew what he needed to see. So basically I went to get peaches and came home with a new car. The service I have received in the past brought me back again for this vehicle. Mike in the Service Department always treats me well even when my questions are frustrating. My car is always washed and cleaned when I pick it up. 

-Pamela R-

I was treated with the same level of respect and courtesy that has been afforded me over the past 20 years by the Campus staff. 16/08/2018

I scored this way because I was treated with the same level of respect and courtesy that has been afforded me over the past 20 years by the Campus staff. In particular, Jim Hoskins personifies those positive attributes towards customers required in the automobile sales industry.

-Martin H-

Not pushy at all. 14/08/2018

Gage and Bobby were very helpful, friendly and willing to help out with anything after the purchase. 

-Todd S-

At no time did we feel pressured or not heard! 10/08/2018

We found the personal extremely knowledgeable, friendly, polite and easy to work with. Negotiation was straight forward as staff had all facts and figures, so we knew exactly what the price was. One of the better experiences of purchasing a new vehicle.

-Valerie L-

It was a great experience! 07/08/2018

We had consistent, professional interactions and support at Campus Nissan. Our questions were answered patiently and fully, and everything felt easy.

-Grant M-

I was impressed 05/08/2018

I was impressed by the appearance of the dealership and the staff. I was particularly impressed by my salesperson, Mr. Frank Pecorelli.

-Stanley S-

I am very much appreciative of their hard work 03/08/2018

Tyler worked with me right away with no hesitation and got me what I wanted , and he kept in contact with me for a year till I was ready to make my purchase, the finance dept worked hard to get me my loan.

-Wesley H-

Loving my new Sentra! 01/08/2018

Michal Cwiklinski was a true gem to work with. He applied no pressure and worked with me to find just what would work for me. He was someone I felt that was truly on my side while being a true professional. He went above and beyond in making sure he did all he could to find me even the color I had wanted even though it was not in the dealership stock. He made chatting to him via email and in person very easy. Campus Nissan is very lucky to have a salesperson like Michal Cwiklinski on staff. Another gem was Jason (I'm sorry I am unsure of his last name) in the finance department who also showed true professionalism and made a stressful situation much easier and explained things wonderfully. Here's hoping each experience at Campus Nissan measures up! Thank you Michal and Jason! 

-Deborah L-

Peter Luke was outstanding 05/02/2018

Peter Luke was outstanding. He worked with me over a year and a half starting when I looked at used Leafs until April 30/2018 when I took delivery of my new 2018 Leaf. He kept in touch through the whole process answered my questions and helped steer me through the BC Scrap It program so I got $6000 for a vehicle worth $2500 at most in the used market. Peter has a lot of knowledge of these electric vehicles. That helped me to decide what car was the best fit for me. His positive attitude friendly manner made the whole buying process fun and enjoyable. I am sure my car is going to measure up to my expectations. I will be recommending people friends and strangers alike interested in buying an electric vehicle contact Peter. Thanks Peter :)

Tyler was fantastic to work with. 05/25/2018

Tyler was fantastic to work with. He was super informative and patient as we made a decision on buying a rogue. Tyler was flexible and allowed us to take the vehicle out on different occasions to help in our decision making process.

Keep going back even though we moved to the mainland 6 years ago. 05/10/2018

Our family has dealt with Jim Hoskins for a number of years. We keep going back to him even though we moved from Victoria to the main land 6 years ago. He is an outstanding, caring, gets things done for you kind of guy that we appreciate very much.