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Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan

Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan


Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan

First, start your LEAF by depressing the break pedal and pressing the start button.

With the break pedal fully depressed, slide the shift lever forward and release to reverse. To drive, pull the shift lever back and release.

To go into B Mode slide the shift lever to the left and down and hold it. This delivers the most aggressive brake regeneration, which helps charge the battery.

To go into neutral, slide the shift lever to the side and hold until the LEAF goes into neutral.

To put your LEAF in park, press the park button. To apply the parking break, pull the "P" button on the center console.

Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan

There are three levels of charging offering different amounts of power/charging time:

  • Level 1 (120volt): Slowest charge using a regular outlet, also known as "trickle charge", best used when parked overnight. You can use a portable charger to plug in to the same outlet as a clothes dryer, so it's easy to charge anywhere, anytime.
  • Level 2 (240volt): Typical for at home, at work, or short- to medium-term parking. The majority of Level 2 public charging stations are free to use.
  • DC Fast Charging: This is the fastest method available. Reach up to 80% power in 40 minutes.

Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan

There are over 1000 public charging stations in BC but while many of these stations do not charge a usage fee, some will require you to have an access card to start the device. There are three main networks in BC:

  • ChargePoint
  • Flo (AddEnergie)
  • Greenlots

Each has their own system and membership cards, which are low cost or free. To save time, we recommend that you register ahead of time by visiting their websites.

Nissan Leaf FAQ - Campus Nissan

All over the place! is a website that helps you locate chargers in your area on a map.


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